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Time Star - a comedy, murder-mystery, musical dinner show

Plot Synopsis

Part Murder She Wrote, part Back to the Future and part Dr Who– albeit in a testosterone-tanked ‘Tardis’ – Time Star invites you and your friends to cast aside your inhibitions and party your way back to the 80s. Your host, and the brains behind the world’s first commercial time machine, is TJ Packham, a flamboyant, sex mad, ego-centric entrepreneur with a reputation for genius but also for shady dealings. Motivated by a desire to find out who killed his mother in Priscilla in 1985, TJ has gathered the great and the good for the launch of his Time Star machine, which is powered by the Big Bang, but not the cosmic variety; this one runs on lust and libido.

Dust off your shoulder pads, stretch on your spandex, dab on some frosted lippie and don your disco gear to travel back in time with a soundtrack of classic hits – from Madonna to Michael Jackson. Will it all go to plan or will it go flop? Be part of history and hold on for the ride of your life. With a 1980s-inspired menu, drag queens, disco hits, daring dating games, glitz, glamour and bling (think Joan Collins on speed) and oodles of sexual innuendo, you’re guaranteed an evening full of fun and laughter. It’s so good, it’s outrageous

Can we dress-up?

The show will take you back to the 80’s so guests are encouraged, but not required, to dress appropriately for the era. We will provide tips and ideas for costumes.

 How does it work?

We describe the evening as interactive entertainment – where guests are part of the show whilst watching the show all at the same time. There is a cast who perform throughout the dinner. Guests are encouraged to play their own character as much or as little as they choose – it is entirely up to you. Before the night you’ll be sent details about the show and your characters.

What about dinner & drinks?

The show is built to be enjoyed around dinner and drinks. These can be arranged with one our venue partners or at a venue of your own choice.

Where and when is the show?

Time Star and dinner runs for around three hours. The show is available for private parties at a time and place of your choosing. We can also work with you to find a suitable venue.  We do offer ticketed shows at certain times of the year, subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed

 Can I have a private show?

Time Star is available for private events on a date and at a venue of your own choice.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we can provide you wih a quote.


Please email Simon, our producer, at simon@bare-elements.com.au.

Or if social media is more your thing, then feel free to drop in at our Facebook page.


I would take a trip on the time machine any evening! bring back the 80′s: monster pop anthems, big hair, big personalities and unisex lycra. It was a blast!!!

``Thanks for making me feel like Dorothy in my own time travelling house. Loved the sing-a-longs, and quiz. Lovely staff at Coopers. To the cast and crew thank you. Highly recommend time hopping with these guys. If you get a stiffy during the show with excitement beware!! It could be dangerous.``

It was a real hoot! So much fun dressing up and playing along. I haven't laughed so much in ages!

An entertaining, farcical caper. Something totally different to what you may have seen before

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