Guest Feedback

Some of our guest comments 

“I have not been able to stop talking about it today and will be in the forefront of my mind for many years to come – thank you”

“We had a ball darling! We would have laughed harder were it not unseemly for our characters”

“I would pay thoosands and thoosands of poonds to see this show”

“Murder! Mayhem! Merriment! and Mirth! A marvellous cast and excellent entertainment. We had a ball, fun & laughter all night long! Definitely recommended – get right into the characters and transport yourself to another era.”

Just brilliant. I’ve never had a more entertaining dinner!”

“Absolutely brilliant, the acting was at a high level, exceeded my expectations”

“The whole experience was like being in an enjoyable time warp.Encore…”

“A really fun way to spend an evening, the entertainers made everyone feel involved”

“This is pure gold – Agatha Christie with a delightfully humorous twist and lashings of double entendres!”

“we were part of “Ripping Yarns”, “Miss Marple” and “PG Wodehouse” combined….my 14 yr old daughter enjoyed it also…so it was a cross age event which is great.”

“I love champagne, dressing up, escapism, fun people and laughing – what more could you want from a night out.”

“The ultimate opportunity to unleash your inner actor.”

“The entertainment was hilarious, at one point I nearly wet myself!”

“I loved being the one that found the body and screamed, it’s like I’d been waiting my whole life to make that noise.”

“Spending an evening with this crazy, slightly hysterical and marvelously frocked-up and funny aristocracy is just plain great for the soul!’

“A truly fantastic night. I had no idea what I was walking into but it was fun from the very beginning and I would definitely do it again!”

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