Frequently Asked Questions about our shows

So how does it work?

We describe the evening as interactive entertainment – where guests are part of the show whilst watching the show all at the same time. There is a cast who perform throughout the dinner. Guests are encouraged to play their own character as much or as little as they choose – it is entirely upto them.

How do I know what my character will be?

Once your booking is confirmed you will be sent details of your and your other party member’s characters by email. If you are booking for a party of people the lead guest will be asked to distribute the information within their party. We encourage guests to read the information prior to the event and plan their attire for the evening appropriately. Each show varies regards the costume you may opt to wear.

What time does the show start and finish?

The public shows begin generally around 7.30pm (pre-dinner drinks are available in the bar  if you want to arrive earlier) and the show with the three course dinner and coffee runs for about 2.5 hours. This may vary dependent on guests arrival times. For private shows the start time is upto you.

How many guests will be there?

The function room at The Imperial accommodates for upto 50 people for dinner and the Carringbush Room at The Retreat Hotel holds upto 35 guests comfortably. The shows work well for a maximum of 60 guests.

How many courses are there?

This will vary depending on the venue but will be two or three courses. For private shows we’ll work with you to select a menu to suit your budget.  A full bar service is available throughout the evening.

Not answered your question?

Feel free to contact us with any further questions you may have.

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