Gwendella Garavinah

An Interview To Die For

Are you attending Lord Quinten’s forthcoming birthday party?

Oh Heavens – I call on them frequently you know – my invitation seems to have been lost in the post but I will most certainly be attending Lord Quentin’s party. After all, I cannot deprive my public. I HAVE to be there. There is no party without me, you see.

Given your obvious importance at the celebration, what  will you be wearing ?

I will be wearing something gorgeous, as always- which reminds me, I must take my best frock down to the nice little man at the laundry, and perhaps some lovely undergarments… You never know your luck but I can make an educated guess…

Are you giving his lordship a present?

Good Gracious, I don’t need to buy presents! I am a gift because I have THE GIFT. If Lord Q is lucky, I shall entertain and delight the party guests with my psychic abilities… that’s if I can tune in to the spirits.

Are you currently in a relationship?

I’m my own woman and I am in many relationships with both those physically here on earth and those who have crossed to the other side. Fortunately there is plenty of me to go round…

If you were Prime Minister what’s the first thing you would do?

If I were PM, the first thing I would do is make spiritual contact with all the past leaders to make certain I don’t make the same mistakes. Though, being psychic, I rarely make mistakes. That’s what’s so wonderful about my work.

What’s your opinion of the Royal Family?

I have met many royals, dead and alive and I must say I have been a fan of many… Princes, Kings, Rajs, Emperors, the lot; I have enjoyed them all and I assure you the feeling was mutual in all cases.

What is your favourite food or drink?

I relish all of life’s pleasures and the bounty the world has to offer but my favourite? Champagne, every time, darling!

What do you do in your spare time?

I am of course a very busy woman but when I get time off, I like to clear my chakras and prepare myself for my next contact (physical or spiritual). I do this through a careful combination of singing, dancing, painting, yoga and Gin.

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